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strunal Guitars

Guitars for Children.

My students have been playing Strunal guitars since 2001. I have been selling them to Suzuki teachers and other guitar teachers throughout the country since 2003 (871 guitars sold to date). They have good intonation and are very playable little guitars. Scaled to the size of children's fingers these Strunal Guitars have been designed according to ergonomically correct dimensions to suit the youngest students. The 1/4 size guitar suits even the smallest child. These size-appropriate instruments make the teacher's job much easier. I have been including the guitars for free when a student sign up for a 16 lesson package.

Two models to choose from: the 4855 series Student Concert Guitar offers great sound with a solid cedar top and the 4655 Series offers a great entry level guitar at a modest price.

What Size Guitar?
4 or 5 years old 1/4 size
6- 8 years old 1/2 size
9 - 10 years old 3/4 size
11-14 and adults with smaller hands 7/8
14+ and adult Full size 4/4
Sizing is approximate. Please feel free to call for more information. (607) 229-4202

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The Strunal company is situated in the western most part of the Czech Republic. They are located in the picturesque town of Luby, an area with a tradition of musical instrument manufacturing that dates back to the latter half of the 16th century. Currently Strunal is the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments in Europe.
Strunal is a vibrant company that is combining traditional instrument building methods with modern and environmentally friendly technologies. Emphasis is placed on the painstaking choice of high-quality resonance material and its meticulous processing. Work at the production facility includes all aspects of the creation of the instruments. From trunk cutting to dimension timber storage, drying kilns, workshops for making parts of musical instruments and assembling them, to the surface finishing of the instruments and their final outfitting and tuning. The workshops adheres to environmental requirements and are continuously monitored to guarantee instruments of outstanding sound quality and construction based on traditional European standards of Craftsmanship.
Strunal Instruments

Strunal's annual output is approximately 50,000 guitars of all shapes and sizes; more than 6,000 violins; nearly 1,000 violas; up to 2,000 cellos and the same number of double-basses; 3,500 bows; more than 500 mandolins and banjos; cases, covers and other accessories. All instruments are made in several versions, from modestly priced school instruments to top quality concert models. Customers will also appreciate the great variety of sizes, from full-size instruments to reduced sizes, from 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4. The quality of these reduced-size instruments is equally as high as that of the full-size instruments, both regarding sound and workmanship.

Approximately 90% of the company's output is for customers in other countries. The most significant portion being in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Mexico and Japan, and in the past few years also Russia. Other outlets include territories, such as Oman and Lebanon. Strunal exports its products to 52 countries worldwide.

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Strunal Guitars Specifications

No. 4655
Top: Spruce veneer
Back and sides: Mahogany or Oak veneer
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard / Bridge Lignamony
Machine heads: Brass plated
Finish: High gloss or semimat
Size: 1/4 - 4/4
Strings Nylon Classical Guitar
No. 4855
Top: Solid Cedar
Back and sides: Mahogany Veneer
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard / Bridge Lignamony
Machine heads: Nickel plated
Finish: High gloss or semimat
Size: 1/4 - 4/4
Strings Nylon Classical Guitar
Strunal Guitar Measurements
Size A B C D E F G H
1/4 720 440 262 343 75 43 19 21
1/2 825 530 313 400 88 43 19 21
3/4 885 570 325 435 92 45 20 22
7/8 940 620 346 460 95 48 21 23
4/4 1000 650 368 490 100 52 22 24

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4855 Strunal Guitar Student Concert

4655 Strunal Student Guitar

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